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ZENBU provide users with data security so that they can safely upload their data and share their data and genome browser views with the specific collaborations of users that they trust. Users of the system can also save and share tracks and processing scripts. It also provides access to their Download requests which they made from the Track download interface of the Genome browser

User profiles and secured login is provided through cooperation with highly secured social networking sites like yahoo, google or mixi via the OpenID protcol [1]. This means that users of ZENBU do not need to remember another password since ZENBU stores no passwords.

User login.png

User profile creation

Profile creation is a simple process of selecting which social networking provider one wants to use for your OpenID profile identity. Users will be directed to that external site for login confirmation if they are not already logged in. ZENBU is never aware of the user's password on that external site. After external login the user will be asked to confirm that it is OK to allow ZENBU to use that OpenID as an external profile. The user is then redirected back to ZENBU and their profile is automatically created. Please complete the process by entering a nickname and your email address.

logging back into ZENBU

To re-login to the ZENBU system, simply either click the button for the same social networking provider, or enter your email address into the box at the bottom of the login panel. Advanced users may also directly enter their OpenID URL into this box for both profile creation and login.

User system interfaces

After logging into the ZENBU system, users have access to several interface panels to enable them to manage their collaborations and data.