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The metadata system is available in nearly every panel of the ZENBU interface. When a user mouses-over an item, the system will give a small info popup panel. If the user then clicks that item, a full metadata panel will appears. This functionality is available in all panels of the Data explorer interface, the User system my data panel, the Experiment Expression panel and the new track configuration building panel.

If the currently logged in user is the creator/owner of the configuration (view/track/script) or the person who uploaded a data source, they are allowed to edit the metadata of that entity.

Here is an example of editing the metadata of a view configuration from the Data Explorer interface.

DEX edit view info.png

  • items with a red X can be deleted
  • items in blue when clicked on can be changed
  • new metadata items can be added
  • to cancel your edits, simply close the panel with the button in the upper right of the panel