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Data Stream Processing > Processing Modules > Data normalization and rescaling Modules


The NormalizeByFactor processing module is designed to apply an Experiment specific normalization factor onto specified Expression data of streamed Features. It requires the Experiment specific normalization factor to be stored in metadata of the Experiment, and the specification of the input DataType and new datatype name.
The equation is simply

 new_value = old_value * factor 


  • <experiment_metadata_tag> : the metadata tag attached to the experiments which contains the normalization factor. This can be added to Experiments by using the Metadata editing interface or at data load time.
  • <datatype> : the datatype of expression on the data stream which will be normalized. only one input <datatype> allowed.
  • <output_datatype> : the datatype which the expression will be relabeled as


This script show a simple situation where RLE normalization factor is applied to "tagcount" expression data and relabeled as "rle".

	<spstream module="NormalizeByFactor">