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Unlike other genome browser, ZENBU does not need to link the track visualization to specific upload file formats. This means with ZENBU the user can upload their data once and then manipulate it with ZENBU data processing to create many views with the same data. Where other genome browsers like UCSC or IGV require many different visualization file formats to support each different visualization style, ZENBU can focus on a few common data interchange file formats (BAM, BED, GTF/GFF, OSCTable). This makes ZENBU more like a bioinformatics processing tool rather than just a visualization tool (genome browser).

Because the data is loaded once and visualization/processing is performed by ZENBU, the data content of all tracks is guaranteed to be synchronized and one can see exactly how each track was made by looking at the track's ZENBU script. This makes the tracks of ZENBU "data transparent"

Data Transparency : 
 (1) The ability to easily access and work with data no matter where they are located or what application created them.
 (2) The assurance that data being reported are accurate and are coming from the official source.

In this example RNAseq data was load once from BAM files and then processed by ZENBU to create 7 different visualization tracks.

Wold RNAseq many views same data.png