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(upgrading to new ZENBU version)
(Installing ZENBU for first time)
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* phase4: loading data
* phase4: loading data
** loading new genomes
** [[Installation_guide:_loading_data#Loading_new_genomes | loading new genomes]]
** loading data via the command line
** [[Installation_guide:_loading_data#Bulk_command-line_upload_of_datafiles | loading data via the command line]]
=== upgrading to new ZENBU version ===
=== upgrading to new ZENBU version ===

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Although the convenience of using the online public zenbu http://fantom.gsc.riken.jp/zenbu has many advantages, we understand that some users will want to install a local copy of ZENBU. This Installation guide is here to help you install a ZENBU server on your machine from source code. This guide will provide you with a working ZENBU server, but will not have a local copy of data. Data will be remotely shared dynamically from the RIKEN ZENBU server.

The ZENBU source code is available for download from our sourceforge page https://sourceforge.net/projects/zenbu ZENBU is written as a client/server or web2.0 designed system. It is written in c++ and perl for server-side web services and command line tools while the web clients are written in javascript.

Installing ZENBU for first time

The installation procedure requires several key steps

upgrading to new ZENBU version

The ZENBU system is designed to use the same databases and directories with different versions of the ZENBU application code. This means that upgrading a ZENBU server to the latest code (with all the new features) is a relatively easy process.

Check out the Upgrade_guide for details on the upgrade procedure.