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Data Stream Processing > Processing Modules > Filtering Modules


The FeatureLengthFilter processing module is designed to filter Features based on their length. The module is configurable with both a min_length and/or max_length. If only min_length is specified it will act as a high-pass filter. If only max_length is specified it will act as a low-pass filter. If both min_length and max_length are specified it will act as a band-pass filter.


  • <min_length> : Features smaller than min_length are filtered out.
  • <max_length> : Features larger than max_length are filtered out.


This is a complex script which incorporates a FeatureEmitter / TemplateCluster expression histogram binning with de-novo clustering via Paraclu followed by several filtering steps including NeighborCutoff, CutoffFilter, and a final FeatureLengthFilter to remove very tiny clusters.

		<spstream module="TemplateCluster">
				<spstream module="FeatureEmitter">

		<spstream module="Paraclu">

		<spstream module="CalcFeatureSignificance"/>

		<spstream module="NeighborCutoff">

		<spstream module="CutoffFilter">

		<spstream module="FeatureLengthFilter">


Example ZENBU view showing this script in use