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ZENBU provides for fine level control of who can have access to uploaded data through the concept of a Collaboration.

While other genome browsers like UCSC and Ensembl provide for user upload of private data, and they may provide a limited amount of data security, they do not provide any means of sharing that data with a limited group of other scientists in a secured manner. Since Science is a collaboration process involving many people from PIs, to research scientists, to technicians, to bioinformaticians. And the process of data exploration and analysis often involves many people in the project being to see the data and communicate ideas with each other. But of course prior to publication the data and any discoveries in it, must be kept secured.

With the concept of the Collaboration, users of ZENBU can select who they want to have access to which data. In addition a user can create or be a member of more than one collaboration which reflects the how scientists often are working on more than one project at the same time.