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The Heatmap Element allows for visualization of a 2D relationship matrix with color-scaled cells. It requires the datasource file to be defined as a list of cells where there are columns corresponding to the categories for the rows and columns and another column for the value of the cell . In the example below there is a ColorScaleElement and a HeatmapElement. The color scale is linked to the heatmap -log10(FDR) value which is used to color code the cells of the heatmap.


an example corresponding data file could look like this

cell	   	expression	motifID		fdr_val
THP1	   	1.961		ESR1.p3		0.001000
THP1	   	1.961		ZNF143.p2	0.001000
DMFB	   	0.7830		TFAP2{A,C}.p2	0.04300
A549	   	3.777		ESR1.p3		0.08800
H1hESC	   	1.194		ESR1.p3		0.08800
DMFB	   	0.7830		RREB1.p2	0.09900
IMR90	   	2.333		RREB1.p2	0.1420
SkMC	   	1.153		RREB1.p2	0.1540
KER	   	0.5630		RREB1.p2	0.1730
BetaH1		1.463		ZNF143.p2	0.2160
H1hESC		1.194		ZNF143.p2	0.2250
K562		0.7980		ESR1.p3		0.2760
DMFB		0.7830		ZNF143.p2	0.2940
HeLa		1.859		RREB1.p2	0.2990

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